1 pharmaceutical researcher 2

Pharmaceutical and other related professional, bachelor degree or above;major in the research of the preparation of chemicals, including testresearch work of various preparations of small-scale,; drug controlled release preparations have development experience is preferred.

2 pharmaceutical analysis personnel 2

Mainly engaged in the work of drug preparation related research, has the work experience person preferential.

Pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical and other related professional, college degree or above, familiar with the operation and new drug research on HPLC, GC and other instruments and related policies and regulations.

3 chemical synthesis research personnel 5

1) under 35 years of age, able to independently design and organicsynthesis reaction;

2) Bachelor degree or above, pharmaceutical or chemical related major;

3) skilled in retrieval and use various chemical literature and patents;

4) with chemical synthesis more theoretical knowledge, able to engage inthe synthesis process route design. Chemical engineering, chemical synthesis pharmaceutical industry development experience is preferred.

4 biological and technical personnel 3

College degree or above, biological related professional, practical work,careful.

5 bio pharmaceutical researcher 2

Research and development of genetic engineering pharmaceutical.Holidays and all kinds of insurance, Project Awards commission or bonus.Laboratory work.

Familiar with the purification of protein or gene cloning and expression, andprotein properties related to technical analysis. In principle for master's degree or above, background and work with such requirements have overlapping parts, can the independent design and implementation of the experimental scheme.

6 microbial experiment technical personnel 2 member

Requirements Bachelor degree or above in related majors, biological.

The 7 network administrator

Technical secondary school degree or above, major in computer or related,responsible for computer and network maintenance work,