The company after-crops "about Approaches Sichuan Earthquake Disaster

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   On May 12, 2008 14:28, the Sichuan Wenchuan County have the Lishi 7.8 magnitude of earthquakes, causes the giant personnel casualty and the property damage. Human's life is most precious. Looks that the innumerable homeless people, look climbs unceasingly the casualties digit, looks the scene of the disaster the remnants of destroyed buildings, in each person's heart can emerge the infinite mournful thought and the thump sigh. Stretches out our both hands, shows our compassion, donates money the way provides the aid for the people, helped the Sichuan Wenchuan County disaster victims pull through! In Earth's big homeland, in world each corner, we are withstanding the life ache together. We understand their mood fully, because we have the common respect to the life, because we are the Chinese!
We initiate the proposal, suggests to the Sichuan earthquake disaster area donation. The friends, please stretch out your hand of aid! Your compassion rescues the Sichuan disaster victims who on the possibility is in the wind and rain, lets them see fresh hope, this is what kind immeasurable Germany!
Finally, to the Sichuan Wenchuan County earthquake the bitter experience unfortunate person who perish expressed that the sincere mourning, extends the sincere regards to the stricken people! We believed that the Sichuan Wenchuan County people certainly will overcome the difficulty which this earthquake will bring, will establish the happy homeland!
Please want the staff who donates money to be prompt and financial room relation!