Chongcao Xinkang, The Culture of Acrermonium Terricola

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   The strain of Acremonium terricola, an allied species of Cordyceps sp., was fermented and has been developed as a new, highly efficient and safe bio-feed additive, product name ��The Culture of Acrermonium Terricola (Chongcao Xinkang)�� since 2006 in China. It is an original created technological work and the strain and culture technology have obtained a patent of China. This project has got the Production Licence and Ratification Code from the Ministry of Agriculture of China.

 The Culture of Acrermonium Terricola (Chongcao Xinkang) for the breeding of chicken, pigs and fishes, could improve transformation efficiency of the feed, daily body weight gain, resistance on animals�� hyperirritability and immune function of the animals. More importantly, it does improve the quality of livestock and poultry products due to increase the content of the flavor amino acids.

1 Introduction

(1) The Original Created Technological Work and The Fully Independent Intellectual Property

The product Chongcao Xinkang, fermented from the allied Cordyceps, it is first used as a bio-feed additive in the world. Its pathology, toxicology and pharmacology have been studied already and produced successfully original created technological work.

The strain and culture technology have obtained one patent of China, Patent No. ZL99114522 and applied one patent of China, Patent No. ZL200910008656.7.

  (2) The First Fungal Feed Additive in China and Permitted Certificates

��The Culture of Acrermonium Terricola ��Chongcao Xinkang���� has been confirmed as the national level new product by the Ministry of Agriculture of China, and the new product number is (2006) 04.

The product has got the production license No. (2007) 100001 from the Livestock-poultry Bureau of Anhui Province, and the ratification code No. (2007) 2196 from the Ministry of Agriculture of China.

Its quality standard NYSL-1004-2006 has been registered and published in No. 753 Announcement by the Ministry of Agriculture of China.

2 Components

Chongcao Xinkang contains various bioactive and nutritional components, such as nucleotides, polysaccharide, SOD, amino acids, ergosterol, alkaloid, vitamins and trace elements.

3 Mechanism

(1) Nucleotides

Many kinds of nucleotides could be detected in Chongcao Xinkang. Nucleotides are the building blocks that are necessary for making new DNA and RNA. Major functions of nucleotides include components of nucleic acids (DNA, RNA), carriers of chemical energy in the cell (eg., ATP, GTP) , components of cofactors (eg., NAD, FAD) , intermediates in cellular communication and signal transduction (eg., cAMP, cGMP) and donor substrates for glycobiology (eg. UDPG).

 (2) Cordyceps Polysaccharide

Cordyceps polysaccharide which has many embranchments is a kind of the galactomannans. Cordyceps polysaccharide can accelerate the transform of the lymphocytes, increase the content of the immunoglobulin (IgG), activate the phagocytes and accommodate the incretion. So, it can enhance the immune function obviously.

(3) SOD

SOD is an useful antioxidant, which can eliminate the free radicals, accelerate the metabolism, increase the content of the cAMP and stimulate the growth of the cells efficiently.

4 Efficacy

(1) Accelerate the Growth of Animals

The common feeds adding Chongcao Xinkang can increase the daily body weight gain of the animals and reduce the breeding time obviously.

(2) Improve the Meaty Flavor

The common feeds adding Chongcao Xinkang could reduce the fat thickness of the pigs�� back and the broilers�� abdomen, and increase the muscle content obviously.

It also could eliminate the fishy and foul smell of the meat and chicken, increase the content of the flavor amino acid and intramuscular fat, so Chongcao Xinkang could improve the tenderness and flavor of the meat.

The colour of the meat fed with Chongcao Xinkang is salmon, and meanwhile the water binding capacity also increases (water dropping loses).

(3) Obvious Anti-stress Function

The Chongcao Xinkang treatment group could prevent and cure the stresses of animals, such as the fuss, tussle, biting at tails and pecking feathers.

It also modulates nervous system function and improves the appetite of the animals.

(4) Improve the Immune Function

The Chongcao Xinkang treatment group could promote the blood circulation and could significantly enhance the immune function.

It could prevent the diarrhea of the weaned pigs and chicken.

(5) Increase the Transformation Efficiency of the Feed

The Chongcao Xinkang treatment group could improve the assimilation of the animals. So it could improve the transformation efficiency of the feed and enhance the daily weight gain of the animals.

5  Research Results

The average daily body weight gain was increased by 12% when the broilers were fed a basal diet with 0.2% Chongcao Xinkang. Meanwhile the chicken quality could be improved obviously due to increased the content of amino acid-related flavor.

The contents of total cholesterol and triglyceride of eggs were decreased by 25% and 10% respectively, and content of protein by 15% was increased when the egg-laying chicken were fed a basal diet with 0.2% Chongcao Xinkang.

The average daily body weight gain was increased by 12% and the diarrhea frequency was decreased by 57% when the weanling piglets were fed a basal diet with 0.25% Chongcao Xinkang.

6 Usage

  The green feed additive Chongcao Xinkang doesn��t have any incompatibilities with other medicaments when it is added into feed, and it is feasible and beneficial for long-time use.

When you add Chongcao Xinkang into feed, please dilute the concentration of Chongcao Xinkang in the method of mixing with other feed materials step by step, then you can get the uniform and stable compound feed.

The recommended dosage of Chongcao Xinkang adding into the compound feed per each ton is shown as follows:



Feeding animals
Adding amount (g/ton)
weaned pigs
Middle age pigs & big pigs


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